Extremist or Patriot, labels, labels, labels

The term “extremism” has been tossed around and recently used to describe those who are perceived to be “right-wing hardliners,” who are set in their ways and don’t listen to common sense.

It used to be considered “extreme” to support expanding government control and programs, lack of transparency and unnecessary spending. It used to be “extreme” to expect the government (which really means taxpayers) to pay for students to attend college or other career training, for example.

Our Founding Fathers may have been considered “extreme.” After all, they were developing a whole new form of government with personal accountability and individual rights. These patriots had the courage to stand against the traditional government of kings and democracy. Our Founding Fathers, through Divine inspiration, developed a republican form of government with representatives who were to be held accountable for their votes. They believed our rights came from God, not granted by other men who usurped power over others.

We are experiencing a steady and subtle creep of government overreach into our private lives and neighborhoods. We have become acclimated to this incremental creep, and are told that things such as state funding for hygiene products in schools and 3-6 months contraception supplies is the “proper role of government,” but protecting our children from obscene materials in our public libraries is not!

I suppose there are times to go along with the crowd, but this is not that time! It is not easy, or even desirable, to sound the warning that “all is [not] well in Zion.” It may appear to be “extreme.” However, there are a handful of elected officials, and others, who are attempting to pull our state back from the edge of the cliff. I believe we are very close to becoming a “blue,” or liberal-leaning state. Turning “blue” means more control of our water and other natural resources. It means more regulation of our small businesses, including farming operations and ranches. It means increased spending, which equals higher taxes. We can’t even get the grocery tax repealed, or pass property tax relief that freezes the amount of that tax to the assessment of the home until it is resold. Is this “extreme?”

I am sure I will be labeled many things. So, if I am to be labeled, please allow me to label myself first: I am a Christian, a wife, and mother of 7 children and 18 grandchildren. As a Constitutional Conservative I advocate for lower taxes and fewer regulations for the hard-working citizens and families of our district. Label me a patriot who loves and serves my neighbors and the people in our communities. If this equates to extremism, so be it.

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